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What do you do?

We design, configure, and deliver live leadership development training.  Our aim is to unlock potential in your organization’s rising leaders by exposing them to best practices research in a dynamic, highly engaging in-class environment.

Who are your courses targeted for?

In short, our modules are designed for almost anyone with development needs that match our course descriptions.  While some are designed specifically for those earlier or later in their careers, most can flex to accommodate a range of tenures.  Often what is more important is the tenure within the cohort.  In most cases, a cohort with participants who are at similar points in their careers makes for a better development experience for all participants.

Do you teach high-performers?

In fact, they are our most frequent audience.  Many clients engage us to create their premier leadership development opportunity for which participants are nominated — often for a recurring annual cohort.  These programs frequently develop sterling reputations within the organization and are seen as a necessary step to advance.  Additionally, the leadership team benefits by having a chance to interact with the organization’s rising stars in class.

What’s your approach to course design?

Adult learners want a stimulating environment.  They seek rich in-class interaction but also an opportunity to build relationships with other course participants.  They want to hear the latest, best practice research, and they want to do it in a way that leverages technology.  Above all… they want to enjoy the experience and see the time away from their desk as well worth the cost of the extra e-mails that will invariably pile up while they are away.  One of our most common refrains we hear is, “The day just flew by.”  We take that as a marker of a successful event.

Must classroom participants be from the same part of the organization?

No!  In fact, we find that our cross function leadership development programs go a long way towards breaking down silos within organizations by helping rising leaders build out their network beyond their functional areas.  While it often depends on the module, most are designed for diverse roles and cross functional groups such as HR, IT, Finance, Legal, General Managers, etc.

That said, certain modules are tailored for a specific constituency such as our HR Analytics Course (HR) and our Communicating Data to Non-Finance Audiences (Finance).

Do you teach virtually?

Yes.  We have years of experience teaching live sessions virtually.  While we believe that in-person learning delivers the optimum learning experience and will always guide our clients to that solution, we regularly deliver in virtual formats — especially in light of the pandemic.

What is the ideal class size?

The ideal group learning environment is a class between 12 and 30 participants.

How long is each module?

Each module ranges between roughly 2½ and 4 hours including breaks.

Can you customize your modules to meet our specific needs?

We can.  A limited amount of customization is included in all our deliveries.  If you require even greater customization, we can certainly accommodate.

Can you recommend a combination of modules for our upcoming event?

We spend considerable time upfront learning about your needs and specific context.  Based on these consultative conversations, we can recommend a combination of modules that best fit your goals.

We have a global team. Will you travel to different locations?

We have served organizations on six continents (still seeking that Antarctic client).  While all our deliveries are in English, we relish diverse teaching environments and work hard to provide content that is tailored to the local audience.

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